studio urso derives its name from the bruges bear

“Ursus” means bear in Latin.
In Bruges’ coat of arms, you’ll see a lion on the left, representing Flanders, and a bear with a silver band around its neck on the right, known as the Bruges Bear, considered the oldest inhabitant of Bruges according to legend. 
The coat of arms of Bruges has existed for over 700 years.

The legend goes as follows: after Baldwin I, the first Count of Flanders, abducted Judith, they returned to Flanders together. As they approached Bruges, Baldwin, Judith, and their entourage were surprised by a large brown bear in the middle of the forest.

Many of their followers fled, but Baldwin fearlessly engaged in a battle with the bear. One of the bears tried to push off against a tree, but Baldwin fought back and pierced the bear with his lance. Thus, the nickname “Baldwin with the Iron Arm” was born.

The dead bear was brought to Bruges as a trophy. Baldwin and Judith were warmly welcomed by the people of Bruges, and shortly thereafter, a grand jousting tournament, known as the “Geselscip van de Bere,” was held in their honor.
The bear, alongside the lion, became the official symbol of the coat of arms of Bruges. This little bear is something that Bruges residents are still particularly proud of today!